Penis Growth Methods That Work

There’re currently many ways to enlarge the penis size. Some methods are proven to be effective while the other methods can’t give the significant result. In this article, I’ll give you some penis growth methods that work.

Weight Loss


By losing your weight, the hidden shaft which is previously buried beneath the belly fat can be disclosed. If you lose weight, your manhood size will not become bigger, but it will make your penis look longer. You can go to the gym and make exercises. You can also take the instant way like doing surgery. You can do liposuction of the fat pad around your penis. But, you need to change your diet and maintain the healthy lifestyle in to keep your bigger penis size.

Kegel Technique


In this technique, you essentially create the powerful pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle). To do Kegel exercise, you must get the PC muscle that is correct first. It is possible to practice to prevent the flow if you want to urinate to get it. You have already located the PC muscle, in case you successfully halt the flow. Following that, it is possible to clench and release your PC muscle repeatedly. You should do it for three sets with 10 seconds break between the sets. You need to keep practicing this until you can completely control your ejaculation.

Penis pump


A penis pump can be used both for enhancing penis size and treating erectile dysfunction in men. This pump primarily consists of 3 parts which are a plastic tube, pump bulb and release valve. The plastic tube or suction chamber will fit over your penis. The pump bulb which is medically approved will take your blood pressure. While the release valve is used to take out the pressure. Penis pump works mainly to enhance the blood flow to your penis. This pump will maintain your erection so it’s sufficient for sex. If you take this method regularly, it can gradually enlarge your penis size. This has been proven by many men who have used this pump for long period of time.

This device is the excellent choice because it’s easy to use and maintain. You can clean your pump with the warm water and soap. You should also consider the tube size. You should pick the size that suit to your penis size so it won’t be too big or too small. This is important so that the penis pump can give the proper amount of pressure to your penis.